The open pilot is finally here

The ImmersiaTV consortium is happy to announce that the open pilot is finally available. The project is expected to produce three different production pilots. Each of them is made so they can be watched simultaneously on Virtual Reality goggles, a tablet and/or a traditional TV or a computer at home. The multi-device system allows the […]

Immersive audio production

In the previous article about immersive audio, we explained the importance of deploying a spatial representation of sound in immersive environments. Now, it is time to look into the production side of this topic. A straightforward way to produce ambisonic sound is using a soundfield microphone. It consists of high quality microphone capsules arranged, with their polar […]

Media Fast Forward at VRT #vrtforward

  On Thursday, December 8th, VRT Research and Innovation hosts Media Fast Forward, a yearly afternoon event, with more than 400 people, where they aim to present and discuss cutting-edge innovation in the media sector. Both internal VRT projects as well as international cases from BBC, TNO are given a stage. The main topics will […]