About ImmersiaTV

Immersive Experiences around TV, an integrated toolset for the production and distribution of immersive and interactive content across devices


Nowadays, broadcast content is consumed both through the traditional TV set and second screens. To integrate immersive displays in this context it is required a novel Content Format Ideation. This project uses omnidirectional video enriched with novel techniques of audiovisual production to deliver a novel form of Broadcast content that matches the demands of immersive displays, and can be shared with tablet and traditional TV consumers.PSNC_ImmersiaTV_room_16

Using a head mounted display it is possible to render several video streams, not necessarily omnidirectional, simultaneously, smartly inserted within its very large field of view. These inserts can be experienced as audiovisual portals, which will appear, grow, cover the whole field of view or disappear, depending both on the storyteller’s choices and end-user behavior. Using this technique, the solidly proven techniques used to build narratives within an audiovisual production –close shot to show the reaction of the main characters, slow motion to repeat a crucial moment, etc.- can still be used in the context of immersive displays, where cuts between omnidirectional shots would provoke discomfort.

There is a need to define a content format that appropriately fits the opportunities and constraints of immersive displays integrated with traditional TV and second screens. This includes creating a novel content format, but also requires to develop new features, applications, components and services that can be only provided resolving a considerable number of technical challenges in different fields of work.

In ImmersiaTV every technical field of work (content capture, processing, production, distribution, reception, visualization and interaction) is addressed following an iterative and incremental approach. Three technical iterations and several production pilots (1at the end of the first and second iterations and 2 to conclude the third and final iteration) enable a step-by-step progress based on previous consolidated results.

            ImmersiaTV is an innovation project funded by the H2020 program.

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