Visualization and interaction

How should omnidirectional contents be consumed? What visualisation and interaction principles allow a good end-user experience? Head mounted displays seem to be naturally adapted to deliver and visualise immersive videos. However, end-users will still want to experience television with the language and conventions they are used to. They will also want to consume content through mobile phones and tablets. Broadcast content formats are not ready for this multiplatform reality.


The central purpose of ImmersiaTV is to demonstrate a novel kind of audiovisual content format, compatible with immersive displays, coherent across devices, and ready for broadcast distribution. Moreover, natural technology evolution (e.g.: new devices launching) demands a holistic approach that could work with existing devices, but also with those that will be commercialized in a near future. Last but not least, interaction is also key in ImmersiaTV and it opens a huge range of possibilities for narrative and new experiences for users. The project will put great effort to find out what are these possibilities and how to adapt (and demonstrate) them to the TV industry.