In ImmersiaTV every technical field of work (content capture, processing, production, distribution, reception, visualization and interaction) is addressed following an iterative and incremental approach.
Three technical iterations and several production pilots (1 at the end of the first and second iterations and 2 to conclude the third and final iteration) enable a step-by-step progress based on previous consolidated results.


Capture and stitching: New models of omnidirectional camera shooting multiple 4k videos that are processed and stitched together by advanced VahanaVR software.


Off-line and live: Set of tools for off-line and live production of omnidirectional video content,combined with traditional 2D video portals and new features such as transitions and effects in 360ºmedia content


New lightweight and low-latency video codec with Regions of Interest and QoE evaluation enables efficient encoding basing on real-time user’s viewport feedback


Adaptative MPEG-DASH streaming of omnidirectional video with multi-platform content synchronization (DVB-CSS) and metadata defining interactive video portals


Multi-platform player based on Unity3D engine enables synchronized displaying of omnidirectional content with additional video portals on HMD, phones, tablets and TV sets

  • ImmersiaTV addresses the strong demand for innovative, high quality content that is not just competing with the present audiovisual offering but enables an entirely new user experience to viewers and a novel cinematographic language for storytellers.
  • Secondly, and in order to achieve this, it intelligently assembles and integrates state-of-the-art technologies for immersive media content capture, production, distribution, visualisation and interaction, introducing innovative features (Omni-directional Cameras, Head Mounted Displays, Second Screens) to existing, successful formats such as documentaries, sports and advertisement.
  • Thirdly, it efficiently integrates these technologies into the existing audiovisual production chain, so that the resulting products and concepts immediately become assets providing a direct, tangible competitive advantage to multiple creative stakeholders in the EU audiovisual sector: documentary makers, journalists, production companies, broadcasters etc. These actors will not just have new technologies at their disposal, but technology enabled, innovative and transformative ways to tell stories to audiences as well as to better engage these audiences with the experiences offered. Finally, it will pursue an active innovation strategy, using its pilots as real-user testing and pre-exploitation activities and reaching out to relevant stakeholders in every phase of the project.