Immersive content production tools

ImmersiaTV is developing new and adapting existing content production tools, both for live and offline editing.


Most of the current commercial solutions have been conceived from a classical video edition perspective, and therefore do not support efficiently omnidirectional video editing. This process becomes even tougher when multiple omnidirectional streams are managed jointly with regular streams. This leaves a short range of options for editing omnidirectional contents in offline scenarios.

In this context, ImmersiaTV proposes a custom production workflow from the only commercial tool that currently exists for stitching and editing omnidirectional video live streams, Vahana VR, developed by the company Video-Stitch. This software solution is currently being combined with Cinegy’s software solutions, capable of managing a large amount of video sources in offline and live production setups. ImmersiaTV  complements these tools with low-level advanced algorithms in stitching, coding and distribution to provide a first real software based solution to edit complex production scenarios integrating omnidirectional video editing and distribution in both offline and live scenarios.

The production tools developed have been integrated with the leading video-edition solution, Adobe Premiere Pro. With this tool, it is possible to add interactivity, transitions, effects, but also, exporting to multiple-devices. All this, in a simple and user-friendly way.