Making of: “Dragon Force: The making of future heroes”

Our first pilot, “Dragon Force: The making of future heroes”, is a documentary that was premiered in 2016 during IBC to an audience of stakeholders from the broadcasting industry.

“Dragon Force: The making of future heroes” tells the story of David, a young Portuguese athlete who joins FC Porto’s football school, Dragon Force, to pursue his dream of becoming a successful football player. We follow him through hard-working days involving trainings, school, friends and family. The video was shot combining omnidirectional and traditional video formats and it offers an immersive, inside view of the sacrifices and rewards of a young dreamer. To experience it, the synchronized content can be experienced from TV’s, headmounted displays and secons screens/tablets.

Now, we bring you its making-of: all the steps taken by the ImmersiaTV team to go from pre-production to post-production through techniques of directional and omnidirectional capture. A new immersive experience.


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