Great success at IBC 2016!

IBC closed its door last after five days of intense exhibitions, conferences, and meetings with the most interesting and relevant stakeholders in the broadcasting industry.

ImmersiaTV demos and presentations had a very good welcome from all those passing by EBU’s booth. Visitors had the chance to wear a Samsung Gear VR, navigate with a tablet, all in-synch while watching the documentary “The making of future heroes” (produced by Lightbox in collaboration with FC Porto), presented in premiere at the fair. Another demo was also showcased these days, a demo showing the plug-in created for Adobe Premiere Pro, the current market-leading video editing tool. With a sample project of the documentary, producers and editors were demoed about the new features that ImmersiaTV has brought to the software.



It was also relevant the given presentation at the EBU’s innovation theatre, a speakers corner to introduce new projects and initiative related with EBU and the broadcasting sector. Sergi Fernandez (i2CAT and project coordinator) jointly with Luk Overmiere (VRT’s technology leader) explained the insights of the project, the novel concept brought to TV watching and video production.


In conclusion, IBC has been a successful trial by fire, capturing the attention of many people and opening future opportunities to collaborate, that with no doubt, will contribute to make TV and broadcasting evolve into a new paradigm.

The presentation and all leaflets used at IBC are accessible from the documentation page.


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