Omnidirectional video capture

Omnidirectional video capture

Immersia TV provides a new approach to video capture.

At this time, there is no solution for automatic seamless stereoscopic full omnidirectional capture, but the market has been introducing different options: single-lens 360° cameras, custom rigs for multiple cameras and professional omnidirectional cameras.

ImmersiaTV is developing a system for video capture, replay and processing based on a distributed architecture that is ground up designed for omni-directional video. The architecture consists of a novel kind of “edge” processors, that combine raw camera data storage and replay and low level image processing and camera control found commonly in cameras or recorders, with per-camera sub-tasks in the stitching process, now responsible for the need of a heavy compute cluster linked with the cameras via expensive long-range very high bandwidth links.

The resulting partially processed video data with the ImmersiaTV capture system is ad-hoc coded to allow transport over affordable long-range links to be blended on a central processing unit that is much lighter than in current practice.