ImmersiaTV is committed to share their knowledge with the society. As a consequence, we make public all our deliverables and research publications. In this section you will find all our articles and research papers for you to re-use.

Title Authors Publication Year DOI Permanent Identifier Publication type Access Mode
JPEG backward compatible coding of omnidirectional images Rerabek, Martin; Upenik, Evgeniy; Ebrahimi, Touradj 01/01/2016 10.1117/12.2240281 https://zenodo.org/record/209510 Conference object OPEN
A new content format for immersive experiences Llobera, Joan 14/12/2016 10.5281/zenodo.202410 https://zenodo.org/record/202410 Conference object OPEN
New Light Field Image Dataset Rerabek, Martin; Ebrahimi, Touradj 08/06/2016 10.5281/zenodo.209499 https://zenodo.org/record/209499 Conference object OPEN
A new approach to subjectively assess quality of plenoptic content Viola, Irene; Rerabek, Martin; Ebrahimi, Touradj 28/09/2016 10.1117/12.2240279 https://zenodo.org/record/209516 Conference object OPEN
Towards an animated JPEG Theytaz, Joël; Yuan, Lin; Mcnally, David; Ebrahimi, Touradj 28/08/2016 10.1117/12.2240283 https://zenodo.org/record/209466 Conference object OPEN
A Testbed for Subjective Evaluation of Omnidirectional Visual Content Upenik, Evgeniy; Rerabek, Martin; Ebrahimi, Touradj 01/01/2016 10.5281/zenodo.209531 https://zenodo.org/record/209531 Conference object OPEN
Analysis of user behaviour with a Analysis of user behaviour with a Multicamera HbbTV App in a Live sports event S.Fernández, D.Cassany, M.Aguilar 2016 10.1145/2932206.2932210 https://doi.org/10.1145/2932206.2932210 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT OPEN
Omnidirectional Free Viewpoint Video Using Panoramic Light Fields Steven Maesen, Patrik Goorts, Philippe Bekaert 2016 10.1109/3DTV.2016.7548960 https://doi.org/10.1109/3DTV.2016.7548960 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Objective and subjective evaluation of light field image compression algorithms Irene Viola, Martin Rerabek, Tim Bruylants, Peter Schelkens, Fernardo Pereira, Touradj Ebrahimi 2016 10.1109/PCS.2016.7906379 https://doi.org/10.1109/PCS.2016.7906379 CONFERENCE OBJECT OPEN
Towards prediction of sense of presence in immersive audiovisual communications Anne-Flore Perrin, Martin Rerabek, Touradj Ebrahimi 2016 10.2352/ISSN.2470-1173.2016.16.HVEI-128 https://doi.org/10.2352/ISSN.2470-1173.2016.16.HVEI-128 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment based on Internal Generative Mechanism utilizing Shearlets and Renyi Entropy Analysis S. Mahmoudpour, P. Schelkens 2017 10.5281/zenodo.556342 https://zenodo.org/record/556342 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Subjective and objective evaluation of HDR video coding technologies Philippe Hanhart, Martin Rerabek, Touradj Ebrahimi 2016 10.1109/QoMEX.2016.7498943 https://doi.org/10.1109/QoMEX.2016.7498943 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT OPEN
On the performance of objective metrics for omnidirectional visual content Evgeniy Upenik, Martin Rerabek, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/QoMEX.2017.7965660 https://doi.org/10.1109/QoMEX.2017.7965660 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT
Impact of interactivity on the assessment of quality of experience for light field content Irene Viola, Martin Rerabek, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/QoMEX.2017.7965636 https://doi.org/10.1109/QoMEX.2017.7965636
A simple method to obtain visual attention data in head mounted virtual reality Evgeniy Upenik, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/ICMEW.2017.8026231 https://doi.org/10.1109/ICMEW.2017.8026231 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT
JPEG XS call for proposals subjective evaluations David McNally, Tim Bruylants, Alexandre Willème, Touradj Ebrahimi, Peter Schelkens, Benoit Macq 2017 10.1117/12.2275137 https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2275137 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT
Towards subjective quality assessment of point cloud imaging in augmented reality Evangelos Alexiou, Evgeniy Upenik, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/MMSP.2017.8122237 10.1109/MMSP.2017.8122237 CONFERENCE OBJECT OBJECT
Comparison and Evaluation of Light Field Image Coding Approaches Irene Viola, Martin Rerabek, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/JSTSP.2017.2740167 https://doi.org/10.1109/JSTSP.2017.2740167 Journal
Production and delivery of video for multi-device synchronized playout Nuñez, J.A,, Malewski, S. Fernández, S., Llobera, J. 2017 10.1145/3084289.3089908 https://doi.org/10.1145/3084289.3089908 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Creating and broadcasting video-based multi-platform experiences Nuñez, J.A, Fernandez, S., Llobera, J. 2017 10.5281/zenodo.556959 10.5281/zenodo.556959 Magazine
Developing a Multi-Device Immersive TV-Experience: User Expectations and Practices Van den Broeck, W., Pamplona, P., Fernandez S.L. 2017 10.1145/3132361.3132362 https://doi.org/10.1145/3132361.3132362 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Evaluation of ICtCp color space and an Adaptive Reshaper for HDR and WCG Anne-Flore Perrin, Martin Rerabek, Walt Husak, Touradj Ebrahimi 2017 10.1109/MCE.2017.2714696 https://doi.org/10.1109/MCE.2017.2714696 Magazine
An end-to-end toolset for the creation and delivery of video-based multi-device content Fraile, I., Nuñez, J.A, Malewski, Artigas, X., Fernandez, S., Llobera J. 2017 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Point cloud subjective evaluation methodology based on 2D rendering Evangelos Alexiou, Marco Bernardo, Luis A. da Silva Cruz, Lovorka Gotal Dmitrovic,Carlos Duarte, Emil Dumic, Touradj Ebrahimi, Dragan Matkovic, Manuela Pereira, Antonio Pinheiro, Athanasios Skodrass 2018 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Benchmarking of objective quality metrics for point cloud quality assessment Evangelos Alexiou, Touradj Ebrahimi 2018 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Point cloud quality assessment metric based on angular distance Evangelos Alexiou, Touradj Ebrahimi 2018 CONFERENCE OBJECT
Impact of visualization strategy for subjective quality assessment of point clouds Evangelos Alexiou, Touradj Ebrahimi 2018 CONFERENCE OBJECT