The Media Unit of i2CAT focuses its work on different research, development and innovation areas related to the transmission and visualisation of multimedia contents applied to the media, culture and tourism industry sectors. By means of participation in diverse national and international projects and through a strong collaboration with the main Catalan audiovisual companies, an effective improvement has been made upon the state-of-the-art in the following areas: content distribution systems, videoconferencing and ultrahigh definition systems. On the other hand, our short and mid-term strategy is focused mainly on the following R+D+I lines: content management, context aware content adaptation & delivery, content transmission in heterogeneous networks, ultra-high definition, immersive environments and augmented reality applications.


Role in the project

i2CAT coordinates ImmersiaTV, leads the design and architecture of the ImmersiaTV toolset, has a leading and co-leading technical role in the tasks of delivery and reception, as well as in interaction and visualization and coordinates the execution of the pilots and the communication of the project.