logoVSVideo-stitch is a French SME company founded by Nicolas Burtey in 2012 and developes VR and 360 degrees video stitching software. Pioneer in omnidirectional video stitching, it is currently the only company world-wide offering commercial software for the live editing and transmission of omnidirectional video streams. We made VideoStitch because we needed this tool, as there was no dedicated software on the market to stitch our 360 videos. The story of this software starts in 2010, when we made a huge 360 video campaign for Renault. Most of the videos were shot with three 5D Mark II + 8 mm fisheye, and stitching them together was a nightmare. For this project, we had to travel everywhere in the world, and most of the time, we couldn’t make sure what the footage looked like before going back to France and spending nights to stitch the videos. We were shooting several hours per day, and at that time, we needed about 1 hour to stitch one minute of video. Developing VideoStitch in order to have a seamless workflow became an obvious mission for us. Our goal is to deliver the fastest, cinematic VR grade 360 2D and 360 3D video stitching professional filmmakers need.

Role in the project

Video-Stitch will provide and further develop software solutions for stitching and editing of omnidirectional video streams. As leader of Task 3.2 and with a strong participation in T3.3 will participate in the integration and test of the ImmersiaTV system. Video-stitch will also test the solutions developed within the ImmersiaTV consortium, help evaluate them, and provide key professional insight on the items missing within the existing toolsets for content production and distribution.